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Healthcare Presentation Design

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Biotech Presentation Design

Presentation about developing a new drought resistant plant

Professional Presentation Design

Presentation about the benefits of green spaces in offices

Data Driven Presentation Design

Presentation about population growth


Elizabeth is an excellent professional. She is a very responsible individual with high ethical standards, great organizational skills, and innovative creative ideas.

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Sandra Arango-Caro

Education Researcher and Program Manager, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Beth provided me with some excellent graphic designs for my online instruction courses. I know the content but am not an expert in making complex technical ideas and concepts into easy-to-understand graphics. That is the role that Beth played. Her skills in graphics design and a good comprehension of the technical concepts I am teaching allowed her to bridge the gap and bring ideas to my slides to better communicate. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I have the thousand words and Beth helped me with the images that will stay with the students and help them to comprehend and remember the key points from the lectures.

tags: professional presenation design, data driven presenation design

Jim Crompton

Reflections Data Consulting, LLC

If you want to take a complex scientific idea and present it in a way people will be receptive (and want to stay engaged), Beth is your person.

tags: science communication 

Joseph Winn

GreenProfit Solutions, Inc.



First we will meet via phone or zoom to discuss the details of your project. You can share your content, outline or draft slides with me. We will discuss your overall vision and how you want your presentation to look and feel, including brand guidelines. Don’t have brand guidelines? Not to worry, I will create a look for your project, with your input.


Upon reviewing your content, I will create a few sample slides for your review. I study your content and create a strategic plan for communicating your overall message, as well as the main point for each slide. I plan how your presentation will look and feel with color, font and design element choices. My goal is for your audience to easily understand your message and for your presentation to look professional. After receiving your feedback on the sample and design direction, I will design the rest of the project.


I will make any final revisions and deliver the slides to you, on time. We will ensure there are no issues with the file, and that you are happy and confident with the final product. Now you have one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your presentation.


How long does a typical project take?

A typical project takes 5-7 days from the time I receive all of your content and we meet to discuss your presentation. Feel free to reach out to discuss you project timeline if you need something completed faster.

What if I am in a BIG hurry?

Please feel free to reach out if you need a project expedited to see if I have availability. An additional charge of 50-75% of the project cost will apply, depending on how quickly you need your project and my availability.

What do you need from me?

Having your content ready when we discuss your project will make the design process much smoother. Feel free to send your content over in an outline or already on slides, if you’ve started to outline your presentation. If you have data that needs to be visualized in charts or figures, please send that too. If you have any inspiration images of what you would like your slides to look like, include those. Don’t forget your branding guidelines as well.

What other design services do you offer?

If your presentation needs a more complex and customized figure or diagram, I can design this in Adobe Illustrator, for an additional fee. With my background in science communication, I specialze in effectively communicating complex topics and potentially confusing data. This can be provided as a separate file.

Are you presenting on zoom? I can provide consulting servies on how to effectively use zoom, including how to make your presentation more interactive, whether your audience is small or large.

Can you redesign a PowerPoint I already created?

Yes! Whether you are starting from scratch or have already created your PowerPoint outline and realized you need help polishing it to make it look more professional, I can help. Please reach out using the form below.